The cylinder body capable of continuous production of Raymond mill put into industrial use. Despite its long history, the energy utilization rate is only about 3%, but is still the application rate of China's cement industry important high pressure grinding machine grinding equipment of the highest. Raymond mill cylinder body is made of steel plate, bearing with hollow shaft are arranged at the two ends, one end of the steel plate is the feed end of the discharge, which can be used for continuous production of mineral processing equipment. Lining plate of the barrel body is provided with a horizontal installation of different forms and grinding of different specifications of the body, with the ball as a grinding body most feeding machine. The transmission device drives the cylinder to rotate, the grinding body material into a fine powder, hence the name: Henan Raymond Mill crusher. If the grinding body with steel rods, it is called: rod mill crusher. In the cement industry, regardless of type of this kind of grinding equipment and grinding body, tend to be "Raymond Mill" as they referred to as the Henan mill. Raymond mill into the buffer pool below eye tangent direction pipe pass into the Raymond Mill middle feed well, a medicine adding pipe is evenly distributed on the steel pipe, adding to the slime water hole after the season in tangent direction for coal slime by centrifugal force feed well after being thrown out of the feeding tube wells Bi, the coal slurry and who gets preliminary separation, on the other hand the slime water to further stabilize the liquid flow, from the lower part of the feed well turned out into the concentrated pool, through under the action of gravity settling thickening process of cement production process of drying equipment jaw crusher. Development of cylinder body of the industry, a certain degree of improvement in overall process mining, efficient Raymond Mill in large mining processing as the core equipment of Raymond machine manufacturers. Raymond mill used in the field of deep processing of stone material concentration.

Raymond mill type

Many classification methods of Raymond mill, now part of the introduction is as follows:

  1. according to the production method: dry Raymond Mill (not water mill) and wet Raymond Mill (grinding with water inside the cone crusher manufacturers).
  2. according to the mode of transmission: edgedrivingmill (small) and center drive mill (large) sand making equipment.
  3. according to the discharging mode: unloading mill and tail discharge mill Zhengzhou Raymond mill.
  4. process: use raw mill, cement mill, coal mill, drying, grinding, grinding test of high fine grinding, ultrafine grinding, grinding open flow (open circuit grinding), circle flow mill (closed-circuit grinding sand making machine) etc.. Advantages of Raymond mill is: adapt to the continuous production of various process conditions, the world's largest Raymond mill production capacity can reach to meet the modern requirements of large-scale cement industry, material crushing ratio can reach above 300, the fineness of product is easy to control and regulation. Maintenance is simple and convenient, safe operation rate is high, can achieve clean operation of milling machine. Disadvantages are: high power consumption, big noise, low energy utilization, metal consumption much. The mill speed slow, will be configured large reducer, one-time investment.
  5. Raymond mill mainly consists of: feeding, discharging device, a barrel body (including the partition board, liner, grinding, grinding door body etc.), main bearing, transmission device (including lubricating, cooling system) etc.. Effect of Raymond mill production, the quality of many factors, the practice has proved that: the cement enterprises according to the actual production conditions, after some measures after technical modification, Raymond mill production capacity than the values in the table is much higher.

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