Because the volume of the tank volume and pebble crusher equipment are relatively small, sand making equipment at work when the oil temperature is relatively high, this time for the lubricating oil requirement is required to have good thermal stability and oxidation resistance, because some users on the cobblestone Sand open areas, the temperature difference between day and night in some areas is relatively large, thus requiring the lubricant viscosity varies with temperature level, avoiding the viscosity of the lubricant at high temperatures do not get too low, so that the lubricating film can not be formed, would not achieve their proper lubrication, but also to avoid the difficulties start operation when the temperature is relatively high due.

Thus, the lubricating oil lubrication pebbles Sand is indispensable, pebble crusher product, the Sand constructed as follows: dynamic cone liner between the liner and constitute dynamic cone crushing chamber. The cone mounted on the upper rack, moving cone supported on spherical bearings. Spherical bearing ring following a group of spring, spring security in the shaft, the lower shaft fixed to the lower frame, the upper and the eccentric sleeve match.

This layer is a close relationship between the pebbles between Sand and lubricants Let's cobblestone Sand greatly increased equipment life, therefore Sand pebbles in sand production equipment leading the way in this industry, the production of machinery selling of various places abroad, welcome to come to our factory to guide stakeholders and visitors.

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