Aggregate is the concrete project will not lack of material, many concrete works directly with the sand making machine production of sand aggregate directly used in engineering, aggregate played a role of skeleton in concrete, stress transmission, even in the absence of cement slurry, aggregate can also support load, inhibited contraction at the same time, to prevent cracking. The performance of the particle size distribution, aggregate grain type, surface features, elongated particles, such as void ratio used not to be valued or cannot control becomes more and more important. Sand and gravel aggregate type, sand making machine is improved technically, dual-purpose powder tray, simple operation, convenient way to realize two kinds of feed conversion, sand and gravel aggregate type, generally used sand making machine processing ore, stone grain production is not good, some small aperture stone flake rate as high as the sand grain type, one can imagine, sand making machine, a full set of crushing, screening and shaping equipment, stone grain type is obviously improved, the shape of sand is also greatly improved.

Aggregate gradation aspects of product, the majority of enterprises in order to reduce mechanical wear, reduce the production cost, the production mechanism of fineness modulus of sand for more than 3, and the preparation of concrete modulus of fineness is best in 2.6 the left and right. In addition, the gradation zone of artificial sand is best for the 2 District, at all levels of sieve residue must meet the standard requirements, but some enterprises do not know or do not attach importance to the index, so that the advantages of artificial sand can not be reflected, in the people do not know the artificial sand stage self induced resistance. sand making machine adopts the deep cavity type rotor after the optimization, so that the material is increased about 30% by volume. Weeks after local wear protective plate can be used on the next turn, improve the utilization rate of material, can improve the service life of more than 48%. Combination type hammer head design, need to replace worn hammer head part, can reduce the cost more than 30%. Add another deputy hammer, effectively prevent the main hammer wear damage after vertical plate. Mud powder on concrete is harmful, we must strictly control the content, production and use of artificial sand must pay attention to the same soil removal, removal of mountain surface soil and soil layer. But in addition to soil can never put less than 75 micron particles in the final wash process. Because, powder is less than 75 micron particles, but mud powder and natural sand is different, different size distribution, the concrete in the role is different, powder is beneficial to the concrete, a proper amount of powder in, make up the artificial sand concrete and worse workability of defects, at the same time with it, to improve the concrete is less than 75 micron superfine particle gradation, (at this point, the natural sand because of its production process limitations, the ultra fine graded basic no) to improve the consistency of concrete with benefits, modern concrete design idea, is the emphasis on supporting role aggregate skeleton, and play to support the role of aggregate skeleton most favorable conditions is to aggregate the small gap between the highest, compactness. Then can play the role of improving the comprehensive performance of concrete. Through the washing test, wash away the least like particles, containing more than 150 micron particles accounted for 25%, of which, more than 300 micron particles accounted for 14%; wash away most of the kind of particles, more than 150 micron was accounted for 2 of the total, of which more than 300 micron particles accounted for 1 of the total is. Therefore, in addition to soil processes must be put in raw material pretreatment, dry sieve or washing, avoids with earth, and create the conditions for cement retained and reasonable gradation.

Sand making machine core wear-resistant materials using America important industry and high temperature resistant material with high wear resistance, using the diamond impact block, avoid material impact wear damage made board. Bearing selection of Japan, Sweden, USA international brands. Curve shaped emission mouth and internal optimal smoother design, reduce the flow resistance of the material, greatly improve the ability of the material through the. The lower end of the main shaft sealing structure is special, ensure no oil seal is not leaked. The use of hydraulic Japan imported accessories cover opening device, can be conveniently moved fast on the cover, so that the replacement and repair of internal body parts and labor. Motor system sand machine selection of high protection grade. This type of motor has the features of high efficiency, low noise. In conformity with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard, insulation class F, IP54/55 protection grade. Imports of raw materials and the advanced design idea, system sand machine can comprehensively used in concrete engineering.

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