In mine smelter or gravel plant, attention must be paid to the proper operation of jaw crusher, so as to avoid safety accident, at the same time, the smelting factory or stone factory should grasp safe production, safe operation, to instill the safety awareness of workers, the only safe work do, can ensure the normal work of operation, cost HeLuanShi pressure sand machine because of safety accidents caused by the reduction of direct.

A smelting plant feeding system is composed of a belt conveyor feeding, the jaw crusher to enter the next procedure. One night (eight point zero to morning), staff Wang in this position is responsible for the operation, because raw material bulk shift the broken more, crusher is difficult to eat, meet the bulk ore must stop the ore removal, artificial using a sledgehammer to first be smashed into pieces. According to the normal feeding when the operation completes the shift production task as long as five hours on duty, about to complete this task back there two hours work time 60%. Around six a.m., into a piece of aniseed crusher, operating personnel Wang see crusher just idling in the non-stop, ore did not go, will be the belt conveyer stop, go straight to the crusher feeding port, his left foot on the operating table edge, hard to his right foot into the crusher feeding port on ore. The stone was finally squeeze in, but because Wang overexert, right into the crushing machine, all of the following clip broken ankle.

The direct cause

Wang illegal operation. As soon as possible in order to complete the production task on duty, impatient for success. According to the factory crusher operation regulations, the crusher material stuck, must stop processing. But Wang did not take measures to stop treatment, but stamped on the lump ore, resulting in the accident.

The indirect reason

  1. the factory security lax management. Wang did not press a regulation to wear shoes to work, the duty officer found the situation has not stopped.
  2. staff safety consciousness is weak. Wang a little more awareness of self protection in this accident, can completely avoid the occurrence of the accident.
  3. the re production not heavy security is also one of the reasons causing the accident.. Confirmation of responsibility

Security department in charge of the factory according to the scene of the accident and the working environment of the investigation and analysis, decided it was a man-made liability accident. Wang is the main responsibility for the accident, the shift supervisor because of lax management also bears on the accident can not shirk responsibility. The factory processed responsibility for two people: Wang has constituted a serious injuries, no longer do economic punishment, to rehabilitation after suspension introspection for 30 days, and a written pledge. The shift supervisor to give removal treatment.

Preventive measures

  1. strengthen the training and education of safety knowledge, enhance the safety awareness of workers, improve the safety of employee skills and self protection ability.
  2. increase the production site safety inspection efforts to eliminate illegal operations, command.

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