According to the production of calcium carbonate is different, can be divided into calcium carbonate, calcium carbonate, light calcium carbonate, colloidal calcium carbonate and calcium carbonate crystals. TSP, is mechanically (with Raymond or other high-pressure grinder) directly crushed natural calcite, limestone, chalk, shells can be made. Because of heavy calcium carbonate sedimentation volume ratio of light calcium carbonate sedimentation volume small, so called heavy calcium carbonate. According to different grinding fineness, industry is divided into four different specifications: Solo, flying, three flight, four fly, respectively, used in various industrial sectors. Solo powder: used in the production of anhydrous calcium chloride, sodium dichromate is auxiliary raw material production. The main raw material of glass and cement production. In addition, for building materials and poultry feed. Shuangfei powder: is the production of anhydrous calcium chloride and glass and other raw materials, rubber and paint a white fill, and building materials etc.. Three fly powder: used as plastics, paint putty, paint, plywood and paint filler. Four fly powder: used as the filler wire insulation, rubber molded products and asphalt roofing system of the filler. The white stone will contain more than 90% of CaCO3 or other high-pressure Raymond mill through grinding, classification, separation, while the system was finished.

The above it can be seen that the calcium carbide production of investment has good prospects for development. Especially the stone paper recently new equipment, the principle is the main component of the "stone of calcium carbonate" grind into fine particles blow into paper. Calcium carbonate extraction in limestone, and then the ore into high calcium 1500-2500 purpose of superfine powder, followed by second processes, 85% modified calcium carbonate added 15% additive masterbatch, the extrusion blown film equipment made by paper or bags.

The large milling machine is particularly suitable for various large-scale thermal power plant desulfurization and steel desulfurization. And through the EU CE certification, so that it can directly enter the EU market. High pressure powder mill is the third generation of Raymond mill, starting from the fine powder industry, high pressure grinding is mainly used for feldspar, talc, superfine powder processing carbon black and so on more than 500 kinds of material, fineness in 500-2500 mesh between the arbitrary regulation. With the progress of science and technology, the development of the market, on ultrafine powder product requirements increase, and the needs of the growing.

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